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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dishing up the FUN!

I wanna give a big shout out to my man, Darrin, over at Dad’s Dish Retro Blog! This guy is just plain funny! His little sub-title on his blog says it all: “Stuck in the past and living my life… no matter how much it embarrasses the kids”. He and I are a kindred spirit when it comes to all of this fun ‘70s stuff.

One of my favorite posts of his a bit ago was when he ran down with a list of some of his favorite catch phrases that were solidified in pop culture. Reading through the list he wrote, along with all those added by others, really sends you down memory lane. TV shows, movies, commercials, etc. – they all gave us some of the greatest one-liners.

He was also kind enough to just write a review of my book – he even recommended it! You gotta check out his blog, it’s a great time! Click the link on the right of my page under My Blog List.

And the ‘70s thought I have to throw out for you all to ponder today: what’s your favorite TV sitcom from the ‘70s? No dramas, variety shows or afternoon shows allowed (we’ll save those for another day). My vote – try to keep it just one or two – would have to be Mork and Mindy. The brilliance of the young Robin Williams, his goofiness really revealed for the first time, and cute Pam Dawber all made for a great show!

And – catch phrase + sitcom = Nanoo-Nanoo!


Soapfan4ever said...

If you like Mork and Mindy so much, you can watch the whole series on my You Tube Channel---www.youtube.com/capital33333

They're on my Mork and Mindy Playlists--each season has it's own playlist--enjoy!!

Blast from the Past said...

Thanks - Great to know!

I'll surf on over that way when I have some time to watch them!

Anonymous said...

I vote Mork and Mindy too! There are a few great Youtube channels with the entire series listed like,

Capital33333 at

and kmn2v6 at

Both of those users have even made music videos with Mork and Mindy. Both of them even have interviews with Pam Dawber on their channels too. Those are hard to find.

Ally said...

I loved Mork & Mindy! Oh and Darrin's blog is totally awesome!

Darrin.. said...

Thanks for the kind words brother! I appreciate it. Being able to read your book was great. It really took me back and made me quite nostalgic!!

As for my favorite sitcom.. it had to be "What's Happening" Hey.. Hey.. Hey!

Hmmmm.. fat Albert used to say that as well. Just realized that for the first time in 30 some od years. LOL!!

Marco said...

I don`t know what it was about it but I loved the bob newhart show. Great straight man and supporting cast. It really captured the 70`s, decor, personality types etc... For some reason it`s also strangely comforting as well. It takes me back

2nd one although it was at the end of the 70`s... W K R P

again... fantastic cast, intelligent writing, really funny, great soundtrack... Unfortunately they`ve lost the rights to some of the songs and have replaced it with horrible muzak substitutes