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Sunday, September 18, 2011

 So - starting tomorrow we get to see all the new shows for the season... what are they calling it... season premier week?  It's pretty cool to see the Charlie's Angels coming back, and of course - Hawaii 5-0 is still a big hit and going strong!

Throw in the new show, Pan Am, which appears to be set in the '70s, and Playboy - which I will NOT be watching (I have too much respect for my wife to do that), and it looks like we'll have plenty of nostalgia on the tube.
It will be interesting to see how the new shows do.  Gotta love the '70s!


Darrin.. said...

I'm digging this trend (as you've probably guessed) LOL. People sure are fascinated with the recent past nowadays huh?

Blast from the Past said...

Darrin: Indeed! And to think that we were a part of that recent past when it was happening! Wow! We're famous! :)

joe said...

I think the problem with new shows now is that everyone in the cast is good looking. Shows don't have any ugly people on them anymore. Back in the day shows had not-so-good-looking people on them as well, and it sort of balanced things out. A show where everyone could be a model just isn't natural to me. I want to see some ugly people!!

joe said...

To be honest, Abe Vigoda or Ernest Borgnine would never make it in TV today.

Blast from the Past said...

Joe: You are very right. It would be interesting to see "real" looking people in TV shows more.

I'm also always amazed at how females especially are able to be anything from Prosecutors to CIA or CSI agents to stay at home moms and always dress provocatively and/or in high fashion all the time. Talk about not being like the real world! Where are the K-mart knock-offs; the last years (or the year before's) fashions; the sweats?

I guess that wouldn't "good" TV though, would it?!? :)

Marco said...

this just in -
playboy club - cancelled after 2 episodes
charlie's angels - cancelled after 2? didn't even realize it had started yet
hawaii 5-0 - still going
pan-am - still going but insiders have some doubts about it

Oh well - I guess there's always reality TV - not