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Monday, October 5, 2009

Remember Farrell's?

How any people remember Farrells Ice Cream Parlour?

There was one at 130th and Aurora in Seattle. It was a place like no other! It was the closest thing to a Disneyland like atmosphere outside of L.A.
When you walked in, there was a big waiting area, and it was filled with candy – awesome candy – TONS of candy. All of this to make your sweet tooth start to ache!

But just about the time you think you can’t stand it anymore and you NEED to have some of that candy, your family would get called and shown to your booth. Now came the hard part – choosing what to have from the incredible menu. If they had anything but ice cream and desserts, I don’t remember it. There were so many option! I know that banana splits and something called the Pig Trough were what I usually got. And there was the ZOO – it was incredible! It was so fun, too. If it was your birthday, it was really special! They were all dressed in fun old fashioned ice cream parlour costumes and sang songs and made us all laugh.

What a super special time! Fun, Ice cream, laughing, music, lights, candy, it was kid’s dream come true.

Here’s a link to a web page all about it. Watch the video – it’ll bring back some great memories!


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