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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pizza Night, '70s Style!

It seems that lately there has been a lot of discussion about food on the blogs I frequent. We all love food, don’t we?

I felt like I should share what was one of my favorite meals growing up. Coming from a low to middle class family, we didn’t go out for dinner a lot, so we found ways to get around that. We made what we couldn’t afford to go out and buy as often as we’d have liked.

One of the best things that my mom made was Pizza. She used Appian Way pizza crust mix, which came with a can of pizza sauce, and we would make 2 or 3 pizzas at a time. These were awesome. They were big rectangular pies because she’d use cookie sheets to make them, and it often turned into a bit of a family effort. I think having these pizzas might have made me like foods that kids don’t necessary like – things like mushrooms, green peppers and olives. We all got involved in the building of the pizzas and so we had a personal interest in them and wanted to see if the ones we helped “design” came out good.

It was a special night when we had pizza for dinner, because we usually got to have pop with it. Pop for dinner – or anytime for that matter – was a special event. And, since it was so different than our normal dinners, we used to be able to eat out on the picnic table in the backyard, or around the counter island in the kitchen. It was very memorable and special because of how seldom we did it.

…funny how things like that help us to really appreciate our families and the simple lives we had growing up.


Ally said...

I would love some pizza right about now. Should not be reading food-related blogs late at night when I'm starving!

Being Italian, my family wouldn't purchase any packaged items especially pizza or pasta related. I have to admit, this looks dee-lish. :)


Darrin.. said...

My mom and aunt would do this almost every weekend. They'd make HUGE pies on two square sheets, and it was awesome! I make homemade pies occasionally, but need to make it a more regular thing. The kids love it, and it brings us all closer together!

LaraAnn said...

I love pizza. It sounds like you used to have alot of fun making your own. In the 80's I made english muffin pizzas sometimes. We've made the first Saturday of each month pizza night since about a year ago - have to call Two Tony's in about an hour for it.