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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday Drives...

We just bought a new van (new to us, it’s a 2008). We weren’t intending on buying a new van, but after someone decided to not slow down and totaled the backend of our van when my wife stopped at a crosswalk, we had no choice. (she’s ok… bit of whiplash, but feeling pretty good now – thanks for asking!)

Our van was wheelchair accessible which allowed us to transport our disabled son, so we had to order a replacement van from a company in Michigan that performs the conversions. We were without a van (and a 2nd car) for almost 3 weeks as we shopped around, chose one, arranged for financing, worked out the insurance and waited for delivery.

It arrived Sunday morning and we met up with the guy who delivered it in a parking lot. It came in on one of those cool car carrier trucks. It traveled a few thousand miles and saw some rain and snow, so I got it all cleaned up and we took a drive on Sunday afternoon.

A Sunday drive.

It was a lot of fun as we drove around looking at all the wheat fields of the Palouse where we live (this is the prettiest time of year – all the fields are beautiful shades of green). Of course we were oohing and aahing at the things in our new van, but we spent the afternoon taking a drive and being together in our new van.

It made me wonder what happened to the practice of taking a Sunday drive. We grew up taking Sunday drives as a family. These were perfect outings for the Spring or Fall, when the weather wasn’t quite up to camping weather yet, but you wanted to get out and enjoy it. Mom would make up a picnic lunch and we’d take off right after we got home from church. There were a number of lakes, parks and rivers that we’d go to. There wasn’t a lot of planning ahead or buying stuff. We’d just hop in the car and go.

There are probably a few reasons why these are going by the wayside. When gas prices went up, some families might have cut back. As fewer folks went to church, Sunday afternoons lost their uniqueness – they became like another Saturday. As so many other entertainment options increased, an afternoon drive was less of a special thing.

I’d encourage you to try this as a family. Of course, to get the full effect, you’d have to leave the ipods, ipads, iphones, notebooks, zunes, cell phones, dvd players and gps systems at home. But – it might be fun! Give it a try and get to know your family as you enjoy the scenery!


Marco said...

I used to love the Sunday drives as a kid.

My dad used to drive us to a different little town every Sunday. We probably visited every town in eastern Ontario and the northern part of New York state. It was really great. The fresh air the different sights and sounds.

The picnics were fun too. Every once in a while we'd pick up Kentucky Fried Chicken (not KFC :) ).

You're right Darryll... Sunday drives have disappeared. In my part of the world all stores were closed on Sundays. You even had to search hard for a gas station that was open. Sunday was a day for everyone to, just, .... stop. Now it's just go, go, go. I really miss the peace and quiet of a Sunday. Another contributing factor is that the TV shows have gotten "slightly" better but it's still not a reason (excuse) to stay in.

I'm happy to say that I'm trying to keep up my dad's traditions. Another great post Darryll. Thanks for bringing back the memories

Ally said...

We LOVE Sunday drives. I don't think my parents really took us on many of them, but upon moving to a more country like setting here in NJ, my hubs and I enjoy it!

In fact this weekend is supposed to be nice, and we too have a new car (well since November) we love our new CR-V and we want to take a ride into PA (an hour away). I'll let you know if it happens. We haven't done that in a while.


Darrin.. said...

I just got a new"ish" car as well. A slightly used 09' Focus. What is it about a new ride that makes you want to just go out and drive? I need to take the fam on a little drive soon. There's lots of wide open space here we tend to neglect. Hope your new van works out good for your needs. Sounds like it will.

joe said...

I used to go to church with my grandmother, have a Sunday dinner at her place, then go for a Sunday drive.
And the whole time she and my grandfather would argue and bicker... usually about his driving.
.. yes the rest of the family really missed out on those .. ;^)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

We actually do this a lot! We will pick a small town that we have never been to and just go and make sure to take the scenic route!

Some of our best days ever!

Blast from the Past said...

GND - Great idea! Some of the neatest things can be found in those little out-of-the-way towns.

In addition to Sunday drives, my folks liked to take "the long way home" whenever time allowed. We meandered through some great places in our wanderings.

LaraAnn said...

We never went on such drives but I wish that we had. It sounds like you had some good times doing this. I always loved the hour long drives to my grandma and aunt's houses during the holidays- the countryside was so nice.

I hope that your wife is much better now. Thanks for including me in your blog list.

Blast from the Past said...

Marco: I'm convinced that exposing ourselves to different places - especially as we grow up - helps us to understand others more, gives us an appreciation for what we have, and makes us more well-rounded as people. Gives us the healthy "the world is bigger than me" perspective.

Darrin: hope you're enjoying your new ride. I spent all of last Sunday afternoon and evening washing and waxing every last inch of our new van. We've never had this new of a vehicle before, and we're going to have a garage in the new house we're building - a first for us. I determined to keep the van in like-new condition!

Joe: *Funny* that your grandparents would argue and bicker on a Sunday drive after going to church! Would the message/sermon ever be about "loving each other" or "being peacemakers" and thereby affect their discussion? :) Either way - it still made family memories!

LaraAnn: My wife is totally fine, thanks. We have realized the importance of setting the headrests exactly where they need to be to help prevent whiplash, and how that even a 25mph rear-end accident can be significant! We are loving our new van - I'll post some pics soon.

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