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Saturday, March 5, 2011

This never hapens to me!

Had to do a follow up on this...  and thanks, so much, for those who either voted or attempted to vote for me.  Or even if you just thought “I hope he wins” in the back of your mind.

This never happens to me, but I actually won the new chair contest!  It’s a $569.00 chair from National Business Furniture (lists for $900).  Now I ask you 0 who is able to spend that kind of money on an office chair?  I know I sure can’t.  I felt like I was really splurging when I spent over $200 a few years back on a nice chair from Staples.  Here’s how that chair looks now:

The amazing thing is that after I’d had it only a couple of months a seam started to loosen up.  I documented it and sent a “what am I supposed to do now?” letter to them.  They offered to either replace the chair or refund me the entire price.  Well – I took the money and ran, and ended up with a “free” chair that lasted me a good five years.  But it was time to get a new one.  I had been looking for awhile when I happened upon this contest.

What’s crazy is that only like 35 people entered their chairs and I won with only 24 votes.  Next closest was a chair with 20 votes and then one with 7!  The voting process was a little complicated and not explained very well.  But – I’m not complaining!  I have a brand new $569 (list price $900) office chair en route to me even as we speak.  Here are some pics of my new chair!

Pretty snazzy, huh!?!

Now if I can only win the HGTV home in Vermont on the 18th… oh, I voted!  Don’t worry, I voted almost every day for the duration of the contest.

Here’s hoping!


Marissa said...

Yay! Congratulations! You deserve a high-quality chair. Very ergonomicky. (I made that word up, but you have my expressed permission to use it.)

Blast from the Past said...

Thanks, Marissa!

I'm looking forward to my ergonomicatical adventures! (Dittos on the made up/free for use word!) :)

Bob Ryan said...

You certainly got you money's worth out of that chair. How do you even find out about these contest? Good "luck" on the house.