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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flicks Candy

My friend Darrin over at Dad's Dish Retro Blog loves to go on little shopping sprees for cool retro stuff all the time.  Since I live in a small town I don't really have access to the type of stores that have the inventory that includes these great finds.  But - I do have memories and every now and then - something triggers one of them.  And - I have the internet that can instantly show me pictures to help with my memories.


I don't even know what it was that brought this memory back.  UPDATE:
My brother gave me a call this afternoon to say he had read my blog about Flicks.  He asked me what it was that reminded me of them.  I again asserted that I wasn't sure what had brought back the memory, at which point he pointedly reminded me the HE had called me and told me about a display of them he had seen in store just the other day!!  (Insert "getting old" jokes here).  Anyway - with his reminding me of these, I did have these great memories of Flicks.

I do know that I remember that there was nothing better than getting some Flicks and slowly eating the large chocolate chip shaped candy.  The shiny foil covered tubes were super cool looking and fit easily in your hand.

I've done some searching and found some places I can buy them.  Sounds like I'm planning ahead for stocking-stuffers for next Christmas!


Darrin.. said...

I believe within the last decade, the company was defunct and almost forgotten, when a company bought all of the old production machinery and started making them again. (a swiss company I believe).

Anyhoo.. you've inspired me to order some, and will be doing a post once I get them! Great post brother!

Blast from the Past said...

Darrin - Cool! I'm so glad they didn't completely disappear! I just think that they're one of the coolest candies! :)

LaraAnn said...

I don't really remember these - maybe they weren't big in the NJ/NY area. They do sound pretty good though. Glad that you found that they still exist. Hope that you and your family had a good holiday.

joe said...

So, um, Darryll, it's been like a year since you last posted. I think it's time for a new post...

joe said...

... just sayin'..