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Hi, I'm Darryll and I live in Pullman, Washington with my wife and two kids. I'm a licensed Architect and am employed as a Project Manager at Washington State University. In addition, I have my own business doing residential designs in the greater Palouse area. I am a self-taught pianist, song-writer and singer and am involved in the music department at my local church.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Confessions of a Negligent Blogger...

Hi... my name is Darryll and I'm a negligent blogger...

Everyone say in unison "Hi, Darryll"

I don't really know where / how it all started.  Oh - I do like to blog... I love to blog.  Really, I do!  At first it was easy when I skipped a few days.  It was easy to justify it:

"I'm too busy"
"I'm waiting for a really good topic to blog on"
"I'll get to it over the weekend"
"I've got too much other stuff going on"
"I need to wait to blog until I can take the time to explain why it's been so long since I've blogged"

I had as many excuses as there are days in the month.  It was easy to continue to run the same excuses in my head over and over.  As each day passed it was harder to face what I was doing, and easier to put it off.

I got way past feeling guilty and I got to where I didn't care.  There.  I said it.  I didn't care! *whew* It's hard to say it out loud.

Every now and then I would think about the friends I'd left behind.  The relationships that knew I was neglecting...

There's Darrin - my good friend doing "Dad's Dish Retro Blog".  This guy is incredibly persistent at digging up the old stuff - posting tons of great pictures and sharing awesome comments all about the great old stuff we all grew up with... I love reading his posts.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper - She's actually a writer for MSNBC - she and I released our books at about the same time.  It's always great to read her posts on her blog "Pop Culture", and I enjoy reading her articles on the web.

And "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing".  What great perspectives and insights she has on what it was like to grow up in the '70s.  It's always a joy to read her posts.

And Joe at "70s-Child" - Again - great memories and sharing about the life and times and fun and wonder of growing up in that great decade.  And Joe - he reached out to me.  In March - at the one year date of my having not blogged, he shared a simple yet poignant email reminding me that he had noticed I was not around.

And my brother, who actually faithfully reads my blog, sent me a happy anniversary card, or e-card, letting me know that it had been a year since I had done an entry.

Well - there it is - that's my story and my thoughts.

I have seen the error of my ways.  I am committing to restarting my blogging.  I have an idea for my first one - I WILL do it over this weekend.  I'm looking forward to hearing from all my friends - not just the ones Ive mentioned here, and I'm looking forward to starting to read their blogs again.

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joe said...

"Darryll".... hmmm, the name sounds familiar..