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Friday, November 6, 2009

Cereal Wars

I came across some great pictures of some products from the '70s.

Still one of my all-time favorites. I hardly ever have them anymore. I remember that one of the fun things we did at school was to take the foil and form it into a cube - we shaped it by making the basic shape and them rubbing them on the lunchroom tabletops to make perfect cubes. I have no idea whatever possessed us to do this, but we all did it - and even kept little collections of them.

One of the fun things about having a brother is that you always have a built-in rival. It's handy that many things are marketed using Rivals. The cereal world had it's share of rivals - the Lucky Charms Leprechaun and kids, The Trix Rabbit and... kids, Cap'n Crunch and Pirate LaFoote, etc. Qusip and Quake were not only rivals, but they both had their OWN cereal! I was a Quake loyalist and my brother sided with Quisp. We played the bother rivalry in all things - just like good brothers should!

Did you have a brother or sister that you sparred with regularly? Whether it be in cereal, sports or being mom's best kid?

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roob said...

I was a Quisp fan! My brother and I used to fight over - oh - everything!! I would run into the living room and slide on the carpet (wool, I think) and race to turn the knob on the tv. I would have these horrible red marks on my knees, but I had to get there first.