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Monday, November 2, 2009

Color TV

It's easy to work on the computer and watch TV – especially professional sports.
Being a Washingtonian and former Seattleite, I follow the Seahawks and the Mariners. The Seahawks are performing less than dismal this year, and the Mariners came nowhere near making the playoffs.

So – I’ve ended up following the MLB playoffs and am right now watching the Phillies and Yankees go at it in game 5. It’s said that you either love or hate the Yankees, and as for me, well, go Phillies!

They just showed a montage of the 1950 World Series where these same two teams had met. Watching the footage it was apparent just how far television coverage has advanced over the years. We are so spoiled! Without a doubt, you see the game better when you watch it on TV, although you don’t get that “being there” experience, and going to a game these days is an experience in itself.

The reason I share all this is because I heard or read a comment recently that was extremely poignant. It was made by a guy who was a kid in the ‘60s. He said “I’ll never forget the first baseball game that I went to because it was the first time I’d ever seen one in color!” That concept blew me away. And – if you’ve ever heard the broadcasts from back then, I believe they also went to great lengths to describe everything about the players, the stadium and the whole feeling of the day because it was so poorly captured on camera. This helped me understand even more why a little kid’s first trip to the ballpark would have truly been such a magical experience and would make such a lasting impression on him.

I grew up with black and white TV, and I certainly remember when color first came out and how awesome it was! We take it all for granted now, but there was a time when the only mental image we had of anything we’d never seen in person was a black and white image. Try to get your kids to wrap their minds around that!

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joe said...

I'm not sure we ever had a black-and-white tv. A cousin had a small b&w in her bedroom, come to think of it that's the only time I watched b&w... sucked to be her..