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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun '70s Commercials

Commercials were a lot different when I grew up. Here are a few I found that I remember watching in the day:

Who can forget the pampered bird on Western Airlines?

I remember when cigarette ads were banned. The weeks leading up to those last ones were FILLED with them:

...and I loved the Benson & Hedges theme - I could only find this one in French:

and here was the bane of every '70s American housewife:

and fast food ads were a bit more, how do I sayw it, cheesy...

So - I could post a ton of them, but I won't. Go look up some of your favorites, it'll take you back to those old days...

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roob said...

I'm laughing at Ring Around The Collar. It is so far removed from my life now as a mom and wife. Great memories though!