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Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot Wheels

What ‘70s blog would be complete without at least mentioning Hot Wheels? My brother and I were very fortunate in that we got a big incredible set as a base for our collection and then we got a second one. We also had the loop-de-loop set and a ton of cars.

There wasn’t a rainy day that could get us down. We’d set up huge track layouts – we had 2 superchargers, tons of curves and lots of awesome cars. We even had the little plastic clamps that connected onto the edge of a table or bookshelf. We had the really cool cases for our cars, and we even

had the little pins that went along with the cars.

Mom loved it – we’d be out of her hair for hours

on end, and the most it would cost her was a few

D size batteries. I wrote more about playing with Hot Wheels in my book, but I had to mention them here and throw in a few pictures to help us all remember.

Next time you’re at your folks house, you should grab a niece, nephew (or brother), pull whatever you have left of your Hot Wheels collection, and spend an afternoon reliving your race car memories.


roob said...

When I bothered my brother too much, he would try to snap the track at my arm!! I'm sure I bugged him too much. This was one of the best toys EVER!!! Wanna play hot wheels? No one ever said no.

Hairball said...

Did you ever try using the tracks for marbles? The marbles would go much further than the cars. Lots of fun!

Blast from the Past said...

Can't say I did that - I think we were too into the cars. Seems like the marbles might mess up the superchargers! :) My marble story is that I put one in one of those ribbed tubes that you swung around to make different pitched sounds, I then sucked really hard on it and ended up chipping my tooth! Let me tell you, my mom was not very happy about that!

LaraAnn said...

I loved playing with my brother's Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. We only had tracks that were hand me downs from a friend of the family so they weren't the best but we had fun with them. We also used to take the bench and put it up against the picnic table to make a hill for the cars to go down sometimes.